Toufik Sounni,

A self-taught artist, born in Morocco in 1949.

I Lived many years in Sweden and moved to south of France since 1992.

I try to develop a distinctive style by using both acrylic and oil paints on canvas.
Besides that, I also make «Collage» and oil pastel and pencil sketches.

I love painting and the magic of capturing and creating “image “in the observed world. There are limitless manners for the artist to respond to the world as seen by the eye, processed and directed by the brain and laid down by the hand, to become a new part of the observable .For me, responding to the physical world, pushing my inner life to the surface and striving for the shared universals of humanity, fuels my passion for artistic creation. Art is the way we experience it. Art is transforming experience.


My art is an expression of my personal journey through life and my thematic and styles are very liberal and always subjective with my visual confrontation which requires reflection.
I am and will remain an objective dreamer.